Omni Care Main Activities and Offered Services

Omni Care as a health insurance management company is one of the companies specialized in administration of the health and dental insurance programs under the TPA method for insurance companies and health insurance self-funding, which is keen to provide its services in a professional manner performed by highly skilled staff of physicians, pharmacists and employees who have long experience in this area. The main services are as follows:

  • Provide advisory services within the scope of their work.
  • The settlement of medical and dental claims technically and financially.
  • Pay medical and dental claims on behalf of insurance companies or self-financing funds.
  • conclude contracts and agreements with medical providers on behalf of insurance companies or self-financing funds.
  • Management of the insurance programs approved by insurance companies and health and dental insurance funds and implement them.
  • Propose medical and dental insurance programs, design, present and develop them provided not to market these programs directly unless through insurance companies or self-financing funds.
  • Preparation of computerized systems for managing medical and dental insurance and control of medical expenses and implementing and marketing and developing them including the accounting systems and adjustments.