For Medical Network

Efficiency in medical claims processing and settlement Speed and accuracy in financial transactions and Permanent cooperation to achieve the desired goal

For Subscribers

Developed medical network to provide the best medical services across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Guaranteed procedures for sophisticated medical treatment outside or inside hospitals and Respond to inquiries or complaints objectively and seriously and confidentially

For insurance companies and self-financing funds

Reduce the cost of medical services to a minimum limit and Verification of the identity of recipients and their eligibility to needed treatment and Promote benefits and cost of each subscriber in detail

Important Notes to subscribers

  • The presentation of the insurance card and a form of treatment by the patient to the doctor or any of the accredited medical service providers is necessary to provide the service directly to the patient.
  • It is allowed to visit the emergency room in all network hospitals for emergencies according to the approved list for that, but in non-emergency cases, patient should visit network doctors' clinics except on holidays and out of duty hours for clinics. In all cases patient should have the insurance card and a form of treatment.
  • In case of visiting a non-network physician or hospital; patient should pay in cash to this medical provider.